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Nature's miracle that needs a... measure, has an expiration date, a misjudged past and a brilliant future.

Some have called it panacea, super vitamin, medicine for all illnesses, elixir of life and youth. It has been given so many attributes that it is hard at the end to distinguish what is fable and what is reality.
The market has flooded with it in many forms, jars, pils, ampules, alone or with herbd from the Far East. It has been advertised and disputed.
Finally what is royal jelly, where is it produced from and what is its value to man?


The worker larvae and the queen bee emanate from the same egg. The worker larvae becomes a perfect insect in 21 days while the queen bee in just 16 days. The worker lives 40 to 50 days during the flowering season and up to 6 months during the winter, while the work is limited, while the queen bee lives up to 5 years.

The queen bee has a much bigger size than the working bee and is the mother of all bees, laying up to 2.500 eggs daily, and each day's brood is double her own body weight. The queen bee is even more resistant than her working bees in disease.

Why does the queen bee reaches maturity 5 days earlier than the working bee, and her life span is so long?

Why does her weight is double that of the working bee, and she is so prolific?


Scientists that have dealt with this subject the past few years, have proven with their experiments that all these are due to ROYAL JELLY.

ROYAL JELLY is a secretion from the hypopharyngeal glands in the heads of young workers, that is producted when the right conditions apply.

ROYAL JELLY could be described as a high protein substance, that looks like milky cream, with high acidicity, a peculiar smell and a bitterish taste.



Ο ROYAL JELLY is a food with rich composition. It contains all the vitamins and some unknown elements that are που ξεφεύγουν της εργαστηριακής έρευνας and make the queen bee different that the other bees.



SUGARS: Fructose, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose, Μιlibiose, Trichalose, Ribose, Manose, Ερθυριτόλη, Adonitole, Μαnitole.

AMINOACIDS: It contains 17 known elements and 5 untraceable elements.

Aspartate, Gloutaminic acid, Leucine, Lysine, Valine, Arginine, Serine, Proline, Isoleucine, Phenylanine, Threonine, Lyrozine, Alanine, Glysine, Histidine, Methionine, Aucistine,

It contains 47 different kinds of fatty acids, some of them have not been recognized in labs yet.

MINERALS: Calcium, Potassium, Μanganese, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, Lead, Sodium, and Magnesium

VITAMINS: In high conciseness: Β1, Β2, Β3, Β5, Β6, Β7, Β8, and Β9, in smaller amount Β12.

Trace amounts of vitamins Α, C, D, E and Κ.

The PH is between 3.8 to 4.5. It also contains enzymes, esters, hormones and sterols.



ROYAL JELLY helps the circulatory, genetic-urinary, nervous and intgumentary human system.

It also increases the natural, sexual ans intellectual condition of the human body, while the latests researches have shown that it helps the human body against diseases, from flu to cancer.

Every person who feels weak and tired is in need of the ROYAL JELLY, and there is no age limit, althought persons under 21 do not need the intake of τονωτικές ουσίες, always depending of course of the way of life and its natural condition.

ROYAL JELLY should be taken during spring and fall, for 3 weeks each time.




Because of its composition, royal jelly is sensitive to light and air. From the experiments the French researcher GOILOT did (Μ.Ε. 201, 5/94) it is proven that royal jelly preserves its attributes up to 20 hours in room temperature (20 - 30 °C). It can be stored in the refrigerator for 6-12 months (4 - 7 °C), or in the freezer up to 2 years.

When mixed with honey, it preserves its attributes for a month.




The daily dose for fresh ROYAL JELLY is half a gram (equal to half the spoon that is included in the package). The best time for taking royal jelly is in the morning, fifteen minutes before breakfast, placing the amount of royal jelly under the tongue so that it is absorbed by the circulatory system without contacting the stomach, because the stomach acids can destroy its value.

Royal jelly should be taken for 20 days, we stop the intake for 10 days, and then the circle can be repeated.

For kids the daily dose cannot exceed 1/10 of the gram.

As mentioned above genuine ROYAL JELLY has a bitteerish and sour taste, and for this reason its intake can be done with a small amount of honey following the above mentioned procedure.

The daily dose for ROYAL JELLY can be greater or less than half a gram, depending on the person that takes it.

It's use is not addictive, and does not provoke allergies, but problems may arise if the daily dose exceeds the recommended dose of genuine ROYAL JELLY.




The French doctor BELVEFER says : "Royal Jelly marvellously rejuvenates the human body, protects it against disease, slows down and smooths old age. It is not a medicine, it is something better. It is a food of incalculable value, suitable for every person who is tired or prematurely aged. It gives a sense of well-being from the first days of its intake, emanating from the significantly vivification of the nervous system. Weakeness is followed by ην αδυναμία διαδέχεται μια νεανική έφεσης προς δράση, τις δε μαύρες σκέψεις, η φυσική χαρά της ζωής. Memory as well as sexual health become normal. After just a few weeks of use the skin and mostly the face develop a youthfull look. Royal jelly nurishes and strengthens the muscles, the nerves τους αδένες εσωτερικής εκκρίσεως και να αυξάνει τα ερυθρά αιμοσφαίρια του αίματος."



Those who have dealt with this subject, from apiarists to doctors, consider that a damage has been done in the... reliability of the genuine royal jelly, a marvel of the nature, by the imported derivatives of the genuine royal jelly.
We are at the disposal, as producers of genuine royal jelly, to offer the necessairy amounts of our product to doctors that wish to continue studying it.




" When ROYAL JELLY is drained, stale, or mixed with additives, looses its valueable attributes", as noted by Dr. Rammos, Professor of Athens School of Medicine.

And this is difference our ROYAL JELLY has from other products. As soon as it is removed from the royal bee cells, it is stored in a special "warm" refrigerator, so that it does not loose its therapeutic attributes. It is then cleaned, packed and stored in the refrigerator.

Some of you may have tasted ROYAL JELLY in capsules, ampules, mixed with honey, or even in bulk but of unknown origin, and have not notice any difference. This is because only properly preserved fresh royal jelly has beneficial attributes.

The production of royal jelly is a taskwork with high cost.

Even some apiarists find it easy to buy imported royal jelly at a lower cost ignoring the attributes of the genuine royal jelly. The resultsof taking daily royal jelly can be seen from the fist week at most cases.

It is an honor for us, as well as factual proof to obtain ROYAL JELLY from our apiary, straight from the royal bee cells.

From our experience, and our customer's comments, we are sure that you will too discover the therapeutic attributes of the genuine "ORFANOUDAKIS"ROYAL JELLY.




Our intention is to inform you about Royal Jelly not the advertisement of our products. Our best advertisement is you, who will try our Royal Jelly. The content of the web page http://www.orfanoudaki.gr is based on bibliography, as well as published articles of well known professors and doctors. Click here for the analytical bibliography as well as the quotes of our web page.


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