Our experience over the years, as well as the awards our products have received, is your guarantee for the excellent quality of our Royal Jelly. Blow you can read the Test Reports of our products from certified labs of our country.
We are at your disposal for any additional information you may need about our products. Our intention is to well inform you about Royal Jelly. For us, the best advertisement is you, who will obtain our Royal Jelly right from the apiary and try it.
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April 21st, 2010 (00:00 pm)
"Chaniotika Nea" article by Kakanos John PHOTO
December 10th, 2009 (00:00 pm)
"Chaniotika Nea" article by Kakanos John PHOTO
December 20th, 2008 (08:00 p.m.)
The annual analysis of 2008 for the royal jelly of our production will contain more details, and that requires more patience.
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